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UPDATE - This was emailed out on Wednesday - but many went to spam!

Hi Musicians!


Thank you for joining in the singing of "What a wonderful world" this Saturday 30th at 1:30pm in Alexandra Park Bath


We have over 40 people signed up, plus a few instrumentalists - but there is always room for a few more.  There are 1000's meeting up all over the country to sing the song (listen to the Kingdom choir sing the song here)


The plan is to meet at "The Bath Lookout" in the north corner of the park at 1:30pm.  Please bring your copy of lyrics or music, I will be providing the backing track to sing to.


We will have a quick warm up and then we will sing the song together a number of times and I will video you all:

- looking at the view

- with the view behind us

- while some of you video yourselves singing


It should not last longer than half an hour.


At the moment, the weather says it will be cloudy, with a 30% chance of rain..... so it's all systems go!


I will then go home, and tinker with the videos and create one video and upload to youtube.  I will share on social media, but will also send you the link to share with the appropriate hashtags (if you know how to do that!)


It could be cold, so be prepared.  You can park on the road in Alexandra park for free for an hour (register your car), but I can't guarantee any spaces - so please arrive early, go by bus, walk, cycle, get a lift, or drop in by parachute.


Any questions - just ask




Matt Finch


PS. Music/lyrics/backing tracks/guide track of the tune etc are all available through

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