Donate to Cancer Research to be part of this fantastic opportunity to be part of a video choir singing "You can count on me" by Bruno Mars.

How to take part in MyVideoChoir in 10 steps:


  1. Donate some money following the link on this page

  2. Receive an email which contains the password to the “MUSIC & VIDEOS” page

  3. Download the pdf of the song “Count on me” (lyrics or music available)

  4. Listen to the song, and download one of the 3 vocal parts

  5. Practice the singing along with that vocal line

  6. Plug in your headphones into your phone (preferably with a microphone)

  7. Prepare the track you are going to sing with and get your video camera ready to record

  8. Press play on the track, and then record your selfie video (watch the video below)

  9. SING on your own, with a friend, dance, dress up, be creative!

  10. Upload your video on to the Upload page


In April the final video will be released.

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