Building team work and creativity is essential to any business and My Work Choir could boosts these in your company through leading a one off session or group of sessions, or weekly sessions all set in the office environment.

My Work Choir provides an online portal to share videos, lyrics, choir gossip and sheet music to keep that team work and creativity flowing following each session.

Sessions usually last 45 minutes to an hour and are often held in the board room or meeting room using the projector/large screen to display lyrics and music to keep everyone engaged and learning.

Contact MyWorkChoir if you are interested in creating a choir in your work place.

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Wessex Water Choir choir have weekly 45 minute sessions in their lunch hour and have been running for two years


SearchStar had a total of 4 sessions spread over 5 weeks


The University of Winchester has an afternoon open to all on a Health & Well being day

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The WI had an evening of a talk about the benefits of choral singing followed by a creating a choir in just 30 minutes!

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My Work Choir - Matt Finch
Matt Finch established My Work Choir in 2018 to bring the joy & fun of music and singing into the work place.  Sessions are not aimed at preparing performances, but just on the enjoyment of singing, promoting team work and creativity.

Matt Finch will conduct and direct from his electronic piano in your board room or meeting room. He has over 25 years of experience of running choirs and musically directing large groups of people - both willing amateurs and professionals!

Matt has created a work choir for just an afternoon, a month, and one work choir has been going for over 2 years.  Matt encourages the choir to have fun, be brave, try out new things, and often videos the final "performance" of a session which is then shared on the private web page set up for each choir.

The songs that each choir sing are mostly selected by Matt, but requests often come from the choir.  Most of the time they are popular songs from the 60s to the present day and arranged to suit the numbers of people in the choir.

For more information about setting up a work choir, or asking Matt to come in just for an hour or two as a bit of team bonding - just go to the contact page and send him some details.  Don't forget to look at the Testimonials too.

Bath University Staff and PhD Choir have 45 minutes every week and started in September 2019.


The staff and volunteers for BANES Age UK asked Matt to host an office singing party. This was hen held in a local pun, with food, drinks and much fun and very loud singing!