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Christmas Sing Songs -

5th December - The Curfew

19th December - The Queen's Head, Box

23rd December - The Gather Cafe

​£5 per person ​

"Pure joyous life-affirming, soul-stirring fun!!"

"The best fun I've had for £5 in a very long time!" 


Why wait till after choir rehearsal to go to the pub? 
Come along to the pub, buy a drink, and then get singing with friends and family and have some fun.

​Lyrics will be provided on the night, but 48 hours before the event, they will also be available online for you to have a flick through, just in case you fancy getting a look before the rehearsal (sheet music or lyrics).  At the end of the night we might record a video and share on facebook/youtube so you can share with your friends. (sometimes we do it live!)

Matt Finch will conduct and direct from the piano and he has over 25 years of experience of running choir. He has finally come to the conclusion that if the best bit of a choir rehearsal is going to the pub afterwards, let's combine the two and just have some fun!! ​ ​​You don't need any choir experience, just the desire to sing with others and have a fun night.  However . . .  if you have the ability to read music, or have experience of singing in a choir, you will be very welcomed - your experience and knowledge will be very useful.

You can even get some crisps/nuts etc from the bar too - it makes it a bit harder to sing - but hey, as long as you're having some fun, munch away!

If you are interested in coming and "singing", please click "Contact" at the top of this page and let Matt know you will be coming - then he can keep you informed if there are any last minute changes, and also plan for the right number of people.  

Matt Finch getting ready for Pub Choir
"Cheers!" - Matt Finch getting ready for MyPubChoir

FLASH MOB - combined choirs descended into Hall & Woodhouse pub in Bath to sing a surprise song for the punters!

Click here for all videos of all performances



"Pure joyous life-affirming, soul-stirring fun!! More please!" - Duncan

"If you think you actually don't like singing... this is the Choir for you... It may change your life! :-)" - Alan


"What a great idea; l'm so glad I popped down to join the evening of singing and merriment. Looking forward to the next one ☺️🎶" - Steph 


"Such a great evening! I hadn't sung for ages but was immediately put at ease by the fun atmosphere and lovely people. Singing with wine is the way to go!" - Anna 


"What an excellent evening! The Pub Choir is a fab idea! Music and Wine. Two of my favourite things!" - Katie